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Watsons You Awards 2012

“You awards” is a yearly campaign to encourage our citizen to enjoy their lives by taking good care with their health and beauty. Through to compete for health and beauty awards, we aims to remind people the importance of balance working life-style and live better.

Unlike showing all participants at once and ask our users to vote, we decide to use a 1 on 1 PK competition for the voting. 2 participants are randomly picked out for our users to vote each time. Users are curious to next round of participants and would like to vote as long as they could.

Do go to check it out thru here:
Recruitment stage – http://www.youawardshk.com/staging/
1 vs 1 voting stage – http://www.youawardshk.com/staging/index_p2.html
12 final list voting stage – http://www.youawardshk.com/staging/index_p3.html