About Us


“This is our notion, This is our belief, This is our attitude, this is our corner stone.
Go beyond our limitation without bondedness is our golden rule.”

< Trust in Unlimitation >   J.Ken L

Unlimited Limited is founded on the true belief in quality, innovation and unbondedness. This notion bring us go beyond the limitation.

We are blooming with creative and ambitious talents whom gained experience from different 4As agency and working with brands such as: Pantene, Clinicare, Olay, Pringles, Siemens, Shangri-la, Nestle, Asus, Nike, Canon, SHURE, Volkswagen and Lenovo etc.

We are intelligent at combining creativity, technology and strategy in engaging brands and their audiences and we are here to provide unboundedness ideas for our clients

We do this by combining creative and development in the form of; web sites, games, social media and viral campaigns, iphone applications, interactive presentations, video, 3D motion graphics, desktop and online applications, content management tools and everything else digital.